WWZ - Infantry Drone 'Spider' - USA
Fight against the living Dead

We have probably not wanted .... Nano-technology, nuclear waste, genetic engineering, waste of chemical- and bio-warfare agent production. All these substances together in landfills and garbage pits or simply dumped in the countryside the dead has come back to life - our dead. And now waging war on us without mercy.

In the picture we see a forgotten mass grave from the 3rd World War. The infantry soldiers fight with handguns a birthplace for new zombies while the drone 'Spider' autonomously takes zombie pack at a great distance under fire.

The fight is not hopeless .... we stand together!

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Information about the model

Kit 'Ganerk' on the side of sharkit.com


Information about the figures

Figures 'Preiser Modern US Infantry in Action Set 16533' on plasticsoldierreview.com


Pictures were published under the following link

'World War Z - Infantry Drone 'Spider' - USA' on bennosfiguresforum.com

Keywords for search engines: 1/72, US, USA, WWZ, Science-Fiction, Spider, Infanterie-Drohne, Infantry Drone, Modellbau, Modelling, Sharkit Ganerk 28mm, sharkit.com, Preiser 16533, 06/2016, Frank Krueger, photos were shot with Canon PowerShot G7 X, images were edit with Corel Paint Shop Pro X, original size of the images 800x800 pixels, picture hosted by hellboy-miniatures.de, published on bennosfiguresforum.com